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We Offer the Protection You Need, No Matter the Flood Zone

It doesn’t matter who you are or where in Florida you live…

Our expert flood insurance agents will happily assist you in choosing the right flood insurance coverage for your Florida property.

As a leading general agent, our team provides multiple insurance options when it comes to protecting your home, business, and assets from flood loss in Florida. Water damage is considered a ‘flood’ when two or more acres or two or more properties are affected by water rising from the ground up; flood protection isn’t typically covered under a standard homeowner insurance policy.

Whether you’re looking for private insurance carrier options or coverage through the government backed NFIP, are in a low-risk zone and want added protection, are in a high-risk zone and coverage is required through your federal lender, or you have a high-value home and need additional, higher-limit coverage –

Florida Flood Insurance provides several solutions for a policy that works for your needs.

Private Market Coverage

(Available For All Zones)

Better flood insurance options for better coverage

Conditions that cause flooding in Florida – such as heavy rain, tropical storms, and hurricanes – can happen anywhere throughout the state given its tropical and subtropical climate. This means in a state where the median home value is $212,000 (up 7.8% over the past year and expected to go up another 2.7% by 2018) and in more expensive cities such as Miami (where hurricanes are prone to happen) where the median home value in 2017 was $308,000– properties may not be fully covered.

As a general agent, Florida Flood Insurance is able to offer both new and existing customers access to private carrier flood insurance options. This includes the same standard policy as the government backed NFIP, but with more coverage solutions and more competitive yearly premiums. Why choose Florida Flood Insurance for your flood insurance policy?

Why choose Florida Flood Insurance for your flood insurance policy?
  • Higher limits with coverages up to $10MM
  • Exact coverage options provided by FEMA’s NFIP policies
  • Immediate access to skilled agents to answer your questions about flood zones, policies, and claims
  • Enhanced coverage options for damages not offered by homeowners policies including:
    • Replacement cost (replacement cost is the cost to repair or replace damaged possessions at today’s market-value prices)
    • Loss of use (loss of use is the cost you will experience to live somewhere else if your home is damaged in a flood)
  • Lower premiums tailored to your specific area
  • Quicker, more efficient claim response

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

(Available For All Zones)

One price, same coverage – no matter where you get it

With about 25% (including one-third receiving Federal Disaster Assistance for flooding) of insurance claims coming from a moderate- to low-risk area, our team believes everyone, no matter their location, should be able to get flood insurance that is reliable, affordable and easily available in Florida.

As a leading general agent, Florida Flood Insurance can not only provide your flood insurance quote, but we can write your flood insurance policy through the government backed National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Unlike other insurance policies you might have (i.e. car, homeowner, etc.), flood insurance offered through the NFIP is priced the same no matter where you get it or whom you write it through. This means that even though the government determines your coverage and premium, Florida Flood Insurance can write your policy for you!

Why choose us for your NFIP policy?

  • Coverages up to $250K
  • Excess coverage options available
  • Statewide claim support with fast turn-around
  • Fully backed by the Federal Government
  • Contents only coverage for tenants looking for protection
  • Low cost preferred risk policies for properties located in low risk flood zones
  • Quick, easy and online flood zone determination and quoting process
  • Reputable general insurance agent

Excess Flood Insurance

When basic flood insurance just isn’t enough

Excess flood insurance provides insurance limits above and beyond a primary policy – whether written through the NFIP or a private carrier. Most home and business owners that need flood insurance are in moderate- to low-risk areas and write their flood insurance policies through the government backed NFIP. It is, however, important to note that a NFIP policy only offers a maximum coverage of $250,000.

This means if it costs more than $250,000 to replace or repair your home or business, a standard NFIP flood policy simply will not be enough. Carrying excess flood insurance would increase your standard coverage up to an additional $10MM in coverage.

That means obtaining:

  • A federal or private policy worth $250,000 plus
  • An excess flood insurance policy for the additional coverage needed

Excess Flood limits vary based on the state you’re in, so if you own multiple properties, ask your Florida Flood Insurance agent for more details.

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